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Terbaru PBAKL 2017

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Friday, April 30, 2010

AAJ dh nk tutup!

Assalamualaikum wrt....

greetings to all my dearest readers. so, how's life? Well, I've got some news for all of you. Good and bad ones. tajuk kat atas tu saja je nk buat gempak. hehehehe....

Firstly, again, I apologise for not being able to update more often these days. The DEADline for thesis submission is just around the corner, and with classes to keep up, it's quite hectic here.

Ok. Well, I think mgkn berita yg sy nk ckpkan ni, ramai yg dh tanya2, mmg ramai yg tanya, and finally the opportunity comes, and I think I have to grab it while it's here, right?

Hmm, encik Muzri kita dah ckp kat sy, mintak siapkan AAJ before Julai if sy berminat nk publish, coz by then, ada dua penerbit akan nilai, and harap2, they would also publish AAJ.

exciting enough?

well, of course, with a fortune comes sacrifice, right? so, saya kena hentikan AAJ di blog, and maknanya, if ada rezeki AAJ, you will get to read the rest of the novel in hard-copy. insyaAllah.

well, setakat ni, sy bersyukur coz tempohnya smpi Julai, and i think i would be able to finish by then since i would be finishing my last sem soon enough.

hopefully, things will go accordingly, and for the wishes and patience you've spared for me, consider this as a return for ur patience.

May my dreams together with yours come true, walaupun sy tau makan masa utk semuanya menjadi. so, lets just all pray for the best, and thanks in advance for ur constant prayers and wishes!




  1. tahniah...
    hopefully cerite ni akn di publishkan...

  2. tahniah,,,

    ape2 brite ttg AAJ nti bg tau la yer,,,

    hopefully cite tu dpt smpn hard-copy nyer,,,,

  3. whoaaaaaaaaa..
    harap2 nnty story dalam buku lebih pnjg dari yg kat blog skang nieh..
    elaborate part nisa n bad,nisa n daniel,irfan n zila kee...

    *memandai je kasi idea nie..

  4. gud luck....if ready 2 publish..let us know asap..ok...