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Terbaru PBAKL 2017

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Apology...

Assalamualaikum wrt...

First of all, ini bukan entry tapi just a post explaining myself these past few weeks...

Saya minta maaf sangat sebab tak dapat penuhi kata-kata saya sendiri untuk post entry seminggu 3 kali, for all the novels. in the end, cuma satu n3 for a week, and there were times, no entry at all for the whole week.

yes, i've been running quite a hectic life nowadays. i just ended my practical training to face a more chaotic week. currently, i have my thesis in hand yg sgt perlukan perhatian dr sy, and my classes have started, for the rest of the semester.

i have class for the whole day, and five professional presentations to be done in a month. and my thesis yg belum mula apa2 lg. skrg sy pun dh pening. report practical hntr isnin ni. selasa pulak lecturer nk tgk chap 1, 2, 3 research.

sesiapa yg pernah lalui dan sedang lalui apa yg saya sedang lalui akan fhm situasi sy. i need time for myself too and this is the only week for me to rest, but i cant since i have the reports and thesis waiting to be embraced.hahaha

yes, sy mmg last minute orgnya. so skrg mmg smua dh terkumpul and it drives me crazy. so, sy mmg xley pk utk novel2 sy lgsg. besides all this academic stuff, sy ada task lain jugak and i've been employed for until the end of the year, insyaAllah. and this one is even heavier, bebannya. but right now, sy kena utamakan yg utama dulu. and after this sem ends, kerja tu pulak memerlukan perhatian sy. basically, i'm writing a book for a quite famous publisher, but not creative writing. its something to do with academic and only when it's completed and published, i can let u all know what that is. but just to let u know what's currently in my hands, and seriously, sy sgt serabut skrg. and i cant write when i'm mentally unstable.hahaha.but i'm serious. even my personal blog has no new post for too long.

maafkan saya for being this way. and i'm really thankful for all of u who have been together with me since i started my journey until now, and ur understanding is what i seek for.

For my biggest followers and fans, I love you all and i can never ask for more.

May Allah bless us all, and may His Love accompanies each and every second of our breath.




  1. xpe2,,,
    utamakn ape yg harus diutamakan,,,
    kalu da settle smua bende,, continue la blik novel2 nyer,,,,

    setia menunggu n3 bru,,,

  2. wah....dasyhat gak ye adik ni!!!! dulukan yg penting, yg pasti blog ni akan kembali ceria bila semua thesis2 tu dah selesai.......apapun, akak akan terus follow.........................

  3. tull...akak followww juga..

  4. Take ur time girl, it's ok
    anyway, thanks sebab habiskan jugak AAJ