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Terbaru PBAKL 2017

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Other Side of Me...


Well, for those who have been visiting this page all this while, well, I mean, since I created this very blog, thanks a bunch, really, for being with me...

For those yang baru saja berjinak-jinak untuk menjengahkan diri to my blogs;

thanks a bunch to u too for coming here and dropping by..
I don't have the world with me to offer to you,
but I assure you,
I could make you think of life differently,
well, only if you allow me to...

I'm a typical girl..
haven't finished study..
got lots of friends...
not forgotten foes...
like all of you, I guess...

I spill my food,
come late to class,
argue with siblings..
daydream of my mr. right..
just like all of you..

If you read love stories,
and feel like being one heroin in one sweet flawless with they-live-happily-ever-after ending, its not a sin..not at all..everyone has their own dream, and we all wish for our dream to come true..

and as for me, I write stories,
not to tell you that life is so sweet and flawless, and you can get all your wishes to come true..
but it is to tell you to have hopes..
always have hopes, as for hopes people continue living,
regardless of how hard their life could be..
it's better to daydream, then not having a dream at all..
like a zombie...

life could be cruel..
life could mean 1000 things for different people of different places...
but if they believe in one,
they would always feel that,
they live for reasons..
that is,
to live for ETERNAL HAPPINESS...

if you believe in God,
you could always smile,
though you life is at wits end...

if you believe in His Almighty Promises,
you could always laugh,
and have no worries,
though u don't have a cent with you,
to feed yourself..

its all on us..
you choose..
life is always a matter of choice..
I chose to write,
to let others know,
what I know,
and always to dig in,
what you know..
by reading ur comments..

I may not know you,
but we are close,
in this world of screen..

its strange anyway,
how we don't know each other,
but I believe we think of each other,
more than we think of any other person,
we know personally,
and meet in person..
don't you think so?

well, that's all from me..
my final words,
always Love what you have,
and Live for it..

I may write stories,
but someone has written our stories up there,
and its always up to us,
to have it modified and edited,
by the way we want it to be,
thru our action,
and prayers...
May our Hopes stay alive,
and may our dreams all come true..

just pray..
and pray,
and pray..
and not to be forgotten,
work hard for it.
never stop, and you will get what you call,

with love full of hopes,



  1. assalamualaikum wrt.............first tahniah novel u best .
    bila nak sambung novel anaknya...anakku jua...best story.x sabau rasa nak tunggu endingnya.hope happy ending.....good luck n wassalam

  2. salam...anarif bila novel AAJ 2 nak kuar di pasaran..da lama follow perkembangan..nanti da kuar inform kat blog k..

  3. salam....i just bought AAJ last week. seronok sgt. i love the story..tahniah to writer ye...keep it up